As a licensed hair and lash professional, and the owner of B’Dolled, Michelle has access to high-end products at affordable prices. An advocate for plant-based products, Michelle has extensive knowledge about beauty products, their ingredients and the way they are manufactured and is able to shop direct and get the very best of the best for herself and her clients. 

After sharing her favourite products and services with Calgarians for years, primarily offering eyelash and hair extensions, Michelle came across a new hair overseas unlike any other she had found before. Superior in quality, look, and feel to anything else available direct-to-consumer, Michelle decided it was time to create her own line of hair extensions that would not only be available to salon professionals, but accessible to all women wanting to look and feel their best from head to toe.

Using the highest quality of human hair available, Michelle has curated her collection of Scarlett Hair available in a variety of colours and styles that can be conveniently purchased online! With products for every hair and personality type, all Scarlett Hair is double-drawn, 100% cuticle-intact, premium remy human hair. 

Using only plant-based products to process the hair, Scarlett Hair has never come into contact with chemicals, acid or silicone-dips. Each strand (including platinum blonde) has zero damage because unlike regular manufacturers, our hair processes slow and gentle for 21 days to lift and lighten the hair and maintains a silky-smooth touch and integrity that will last 12-18 month depending on the Queen who will be #CrownedByScarlett.