Scarlett Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions

Crafted by hand, Scarlett Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions are made using the finest 100% Remy cuticle intact human hair. Each piece is approximately 1.5 inches wide and cut from an individual donors ponytail. Scarlett tape-in hair extensions are invisible, seamless, non-damaging, and strong.

Like other tape-in extensions, Scarlett invisible tape-in’s are applied by sandwiching the hairpieces at the hair root throughout your whole head to add more length and/or volume to your natural hair. This method used by our extensionists is 100% natural, and requires no tools or chemicals, and won’t damage your own hair like some traditional extension methods.

Invisible tape-in extensions are reusable with each application lasting up to 12 weeks. They can be reapplied up to 12 times and are an excellent value!

Sold in (60g) Boxes

Each piece is approximately 1.5” wide, available in 3 lengths.

• 16″ length = 20g per box (2g/piece)
• 20″ length = 25g per box (2.5g/piece)
• 24″ length = 30g per box (3g/piece)

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