Secret of Medusa I-Tips

Straight + Wave

Our I-Tips are uniquely created with a flexible, durable tip that retains its shape to allow for multiple re- applications without damaging the hair or needing to re-tip the extension. Also known as cold fusion, this method installs using our I-Lock beads and requires no heat, ties, or glue.

Delicate and elegant, our I-Tip bonds are made from a unique rubberized silicone that protects the natural hair and allows them to retain their shape for multiple reuses. The Stylist will thread a small section of the hair through either a medium or large micro bead using our Looper, insert the top of the I-Tip into the looper, and clamp down firmly using professional hair extension pliers.

Sold in (110-116g) Boxes

• 14″ length = 1 x  100g
• 18″ length = 1 x 115g
• 22″ length = 1 x 130g

Coming Soon